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Bleached Deal Size S (5)

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This Bulk Bundle will include:

(5) size Small


Total 5 shirts

Colors/brand will vary. Style of bleaching will be the same as shown in the picture. No other bleaching. 


Bleached t-shirts are such a fun way to show off your style and art!

All of our shirts go goes through a bleaching process and is machine washed before being sent out.

Fabric: Cotton and poly blend


****Shipping on these tees can take up to 7-10 days due to high demand of colors****

**** Disclaimer my bleached shirts are hand bleached and will differ from shirt to shirt as it is impossible to make every shirt look exactly the same.****

*** I am not responsible for how sublimation turns out as there are many things that can go wrong in that process that has nothing to do with the shirt itself.***

The t-shirts I have chosen are of great quality soft, comfortable, and fit true to size. I honestly just love them and I hope you do too!


If there is anything specific that you are looking for I will take special orders whether it be for a different color or specific design. Please just send me a message to set up a personalized order.

Please feel free to take a look around my shop and send me a message with any questions you may have.


Sublimation Suggestions:

If you are new to sublimation please familiarize yourself with the process and application to be able to achieve your perfect results. Practice make perfect.

Our sublimation print outs we suggest 65% or higher polyester materials (these will not work on 100% cotton)

Desired heat temp to press at is 375-400 degrees. If you find your white shirts yellowed at 400, lower your temp. You can rinse in peroxide water mix to help remove any yellowing as well. Each heat press is different so please find your desire press and heat first. Heat time suggested is 45-60 seconds. With pressure set at medium/high. Place sheets of white butcher paper inside your shirt to prevent bleed through. Position your transfer face down (use heat tape if desired) and cover with white butcher paper (not wax paper, un-coated un-dyed parchment paper) to prevent ink from getting on to press.